Our company has many years of experience, since we've took part in projects related to repairing, maintenance, upgrading industrial facilities, repairing mechanical parts, manufacturing metallic structures as well as participated in manufacturing projects that include studying, designing and manufacturing special machines.


1) Our company employs solderers according to ΕΝ 9606-1, in methods SMAW(111), MIG/MAG (131,135), FCAW (136) , TIG(141) & SAW (sinking arc, 121) and according to ΕΝ 14732, for a robotic machine MIG/MAG.

2) It has a department of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), from specialized staff in ultrasounds, magnetic particles and penetrating fluids, as well as in radiography rendition.

3) It owns the proper equipment to perform immersing arc welding (SAW), which offers improved quality and efficiency in the constructing process.

4) Its designing department is able to analyze and simulate complicated metallic constructions with the method of Finite Elements (FEA).